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An Invisalign is a modern tooth straightening device which helps in fixing a lot of dental issues. The reason why patients prefer Invisalign over braces is due to its transparent feature. Unlike traditional braces, you don’t have to carry that wired look while you smile nor your face will appear bulky.

Most patients fall in the dilemma regarding whether to approach dentists or an orthodontist for an Invisalign treatment. Although a dentist is equally qualified for an Invisalign treatment orthodontists are specially certified and trained for teeth and jaw related issues. An orthodontist knows better how to modify the treatment according to the requirement of the patient.

At Right Choice Dental Care, we use highly customizable technology, which helps in speeding up the process and hardly need any modification.

Conditions treated with Invisalign:

Best Invisalign Orthodontists in Naperville

• Gapped teeth
• Overbite
• Underbite
• Crowded teeth
• Crossbite

Treatment Duration:

The treatment period of an Invisalign procedure takes between 8 months and a year, depending upon the severity and the condition of the patient.

You can take an Invisalign assessment test to know about your compatibility with Invisalign. However, we personally recommend you to schedule an initial consultation with our best orthodontist in Naperville.