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 Ans: Right Choice Dental Care

A veneer is composed of porcelain or natural color composite materials, that fit over the front of a tooth to improve the shape, color, and position of teeth. Customers opt veneer as they offer an aesthetic appearance by lightening a discolored tooth or a whole set of teeth.

Veneers are primarily used to covers a chipped tooth or small gaps between teeth which cannot be treated through braces. The porcelain in Veneers covers the front tooth and replace the broken part of the tooth.

Why Veneers?best dentist near me

Veneers offer a natural and healthy appearance to teeth with little to no preparation. As they are thin and easily implanted, they are quite popular among clients who desire for a quick fix without any delay in end results.

Compared to crowning, you won’t lose a significant amount of enamel from your tooth. With the help of our advanced equipment, our specialists only remove a tiny portion of enamel as similar to the thickness of the veneer. As a result, you will get a captivating smile and an even shaded tooth.

Unlike other processes, you only require a maximum of two visits for your veneer treatment. Your first visit involves in preparing the tooth and shade matching procedure followed by a fitting session in your second visit.

Although the cost of a veneer is considerably lower than other options, sometimes it differs among patients. For more information, you are most welcome to schedule a visitation with our Dentists.